epb - ethernet packet bombardier

What is epb

Epb is a tool allowing one to send customized ethernet packets. There is no GUI, but also not many libraries needed. Furthermore epb is light and reliable. Also understanding what code does is easy.

Originally epb was intended just to be a simple way to quickly generate single custom packet to network. Now it can also be used to:

  • generate sequence of packets from human readable text file
  • send packet sequence from capture file:
    • libpcap/pcapng - tcpdump, wireshark,...
    • snoop (SUN's packet sniffer)
    • netmon (Microsoft's sniffer for windows - currently only versions 1 and 2 supported)
  • strip packets from pcap/snoop files based on src/dst mac address or ethernet header's ethertype field.

Epb human readable text file formats:

epb file format version 1
Packet is specified in text file, in format: <datatype>:<value> One item / row. Possible datatypes are:
u8,i8,u16,i16,u32,i32,u64 and i64,
meaning either signed (i) or unsigned (u) values.

Numeric part of datatype tell the width of value in bits. A colon (:) is used to separate data type and value fields. Value is given as number, defaulting to base 10 integer. However, if value is prefixed with 0x, then it is interpreted as hexadecimal. Lines beginnign with hash (#) - mark are interpreted as comments. There is few example files in examplepackets directory.

epb file format 2
Allows epb to be used for sending sequence of packages. Basically version 2 adds fields specifying packet send timing and some other information. The packet itself is described similar to epb 1 packet. File format version 2 is properly explained man pages. Also there is example file in epb 1.3 tarball.

Compilation and installation

Compile using command


and install binaries and man pages with sudo make install

More information


epb -h

should give you quick help, and

man epb

display the man pages.

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