nsn - network status notifier

What is nsn

nsn is a tool written for reporting changes in network interfaces. Nsn can be used to monitor changes in

  • interfaces
  • addresses
  • routes
  • neighbor cache
  • rules

and possibly some other network stack related features. Nsn can also be used to execute commands when state changes are observed.

Nsn is written in c, and usees netlink sockets to receive change notifications from kernel. Its sources are written so they can be used as simple netlink socket usage example.

Compilation and installation

Compilation should be easy. Just go to folder where Makefile resides and type


which builds the binary and optionally

make install

which generates man pages and installs binaries to system folder. NSN really depends only on librt (for getting accurate timings for events) and compilation should thus be fairly painless. In case you find any problems, just give me a nudge =) Oh, I keep forgetting -static flag in Makefile. If you fail with linking, please try changing line

LDFLAGS=-lrt -static



More information

Nsn provides minimal help when ran with --help option.

nsn --help

Man pages come with package and can be viewd using command

man nsn

They are also available online. Note that online version is not updated regularly. However man pages included in release should always be specific to downloaded release. NOTE: This is still development version, thus it may not be bugfree.

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