nsn - network status notifier

Stable Tarballs

Following stable release tarballs are curretly available:

24.01.2014 nsn_0.3-1 download page
12.09.2012 nsn_0.2-1.tar.gz
28.08.2012 nsn_0.2.tar.gz"

Development release:

Development version of nsn is found from github.
It can also be fetched using git client by issuing command

git clone https://github.com/M-a-z/nsn.git

Compilation and install

Compilation should be easy. Just go to folder where Makefile resides and type


which builds the binary and optionally

make install

which generates man pages and installs binaries to system folder. NSN really depends only on librt (for getting accurate timings for events) and compilation should thus be fairly painless. In case you find any problems, just give me a nudge =) Oh, I keep forgetting -static flag in Makefile. If you fail with linking, please try changing line

LDFLAGS=-lrt -static



NOTE: This is still development version, thus it may not be bugfree.

Brief history of nsn

0.3-1 unnamed

  • First release from github
  • fixed bug in netlink message handling - earlier versions may have experienced sudden crashes or printed junk

0.2-1 Fall Of The Rome - Fixup1

  • some checks for supported kernel features (compiles on older kernel too)
  • added bugreport email

0.2 Fall Of The Rome

  • updated man pages
  • routing table change callbacks
  • address add/del callbacks
  • link state change callbacks
  • long options support


  • Initial release, just logging changes

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